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An interactive comic.

Meet Emma, a normal, naive 18 year old girl who tries  her best in life.

Alongside her friend Olivia, they explore and survive in a somewhat normal universe.

Traveling around til they eventually find their place in life and can root themselves. Perhaps. 

Currently about 2,5h of content.

The game contains 9 menus, 1,464 images, and 23 screens.

There's a lot of unfinished story. 

But since it's only for a reference, I find it to be ok.

It's more to get a feeling to what the game could become.


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one doubt what happens if emma ends up in nudist beach 


"Non-linear story" is stretching that phrase a lot. There's not really multiple paths, only distractions and then quick realignment with the actual story.


Thanks for clarifying. 👍


Deeper character developement is better I think.

Choices are good, but if you don’t grip the leash, you won’t have time for the completely different story lines. Best experiences come when you did a choice, and you believe that choice has its result. For example the protagonist’s friend is going to fall down in the river. You can choose if you try to find a solution or just run to them. If you choose thinking, they lose their grip and fall down. If you run to help, the protagonist’s boots kick dirt to the friend’s face they lose their grip and fall down. This seems to be the same ending however… they will survive it and they will have different seeing about the case. If the protagonist stopped to think they will blame them for not helping. If the protagonist ran to them, they will blame them for the clumsiness. However if they are real close together, they will forgive quickly. These tricks can color your story without making completely new lines. Got it? :D You can use choices what seems to have no reason. For example you hide a gun in your desk. After a long time Emma is in danger in her room and she tries to flee, but you open her desk and there is the gun.

Animations are cute. I like them.

Interaction make the story more personal.

This is Emma’s story not mine. :)

Awesome, just what I was looking for. 

Thank you! ❤️


The whole story is so surreal. :D I thought I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, but you have such a good pace, I don’t want to fuck it up with something what really doesn’t matter in this case. You’ll find out. If not, we’ll talk about it at the end. Until then I’m wondering where this story will go. :) Go on!

Fantastic comment. This is what keeps me going. I'm glad you enjoy it. 


(1 edit) (+1)

Everyone should have their own colored speech bubbles. On the pics at the right Emma has green and pink ones too.

And make clothes less skin-tight. ;)

I hear you. 

Sadly, as of right now, the colored speech bubbles is to much of a hassle. 

I like the idea though. Might be able to implement something like that in the future. 

Fair point about the clothes 👍


(1 edit)

the was so laggy it hide my mouse and refuse to close and then after 30 sec it crash
edit:the game slown down my tab and the video im watching making both chrome and the game not responding

I'm sorry about that!

I am by no means a computer expert and right now I can't help you.

If more of you who download the game experience the same thing, I will be sure to look in to it.

And if someone has an idea about what it could be, reply to this.



Hello. I experienced the same thing.

At beginning, the game runs smoothly. However, from beach scene, the game started to lag. Also, checking the task manager, the app usage used over 4 GB.

Sexy game by the way, keep up the great work!


Uploading a new version as I'm writing this.

It should run smoother. I had to redo a lot of work, but it should run much better now.

Call it a minor optimazation.

If you would be kind enough to let me know if you experience any improvements, I'd be glad.

Hello, thanks for updating the game.

I just tried it again. The game still lagged from memory leak which caused the ram usage to be over 4 gb. 

However, the 32 bit version ran without lag 👍👍👍. Seems only the 64 bit which had lag. 


Oh, alright! I'm on it. 

Once again, massive thanks ❤️


So, I absolutely adore the art style. The women in this look really, really good. But, in my opinion, the men don't look as good. I was a bit taken aback by Robert's...proportions. Specifically during the beach scene. I mean, if you go back and look at it, it's almost half as tall as the women themselves. He would literally kill a woman during sex. Even if you're going for a cartoony exaggeration. That's literally my only critique though, because the rest of the art style looks great. Emma and Olivia just look so good, really great job with them.

I personally don't mind that there aren't any animations, this felt almost like a comic book and I like that!

Hey, and thanks!

That's a fair point and I will absolutely take that in consideration. 

Since it is a prototype, I'm, more or less, throwing ideas out there. 

Absolutely love the critique. 

Keep it coming! 


Art style is great, I love it! However I don’t understand those see-through clothes coming out of nowhere. I don’t understand either why are so much of the pics while doesn’t really happen anything. An animation would be nice instead or just a simple blackout. Is it really important to see those pics? Less nudity is more sometimes.

So far Olivia have picked those clothes. So it wasn't Emma's choice. And she went with what her friend wanted, thinking it was cool and hot. Since she got attention from Robert at the beach. She liked it and wanted to relax her mind, to feel free. 

I think it's important to build up something, I guess that's why I keep all those images. Like life is a lot of "non-action". I know this isn't life, but there you have my thoughts. 

Thanks for the comment! 

And about animations. 

That's a good idea and I've started to incorporate them as an alternative to capturing a "mood" or "feeling" in a scene. 

Thank you for your reply! Well, I thought Olivia’s picks were just rude and Emma is so brutally naïve or has no shame at all. Robert is okay, Olivia too, but I don’t know, I expected from Emma a “no way” answer for those see-through clothes no matter if she likes it or not. Even Olivia doesn’t wear them. However it’s your story, I wonder how will you make it. :D


Thanks buddy!

I really do appreciate it. It helps the story to grow and the characters, more alive.

No problem. At the age of 18 years – as I remember she is that old – people are mostly trying new ways of their sexuality, but they are still kind of childs. They are doing what they want to, but that’s new. Emma seems to be an exchibitionist, so she lived 1-3 years in a thrill, biting her finger to show herself. This is her chance, but the what would the world say? She needs support, and knowing she won’t go to jail for indecent exposure. Not wearing lingerie under her clothes, or bra with see-through clothes just how you made it, that’s a safe way to live her own kink. And of course hiding things from players is just a way to make them insterested. :D

One more thing which has SPOILER!:

Does that guy have any reason to strip her down and leave or doesn’t? A revenge is okay, but how did he knew she will be there? Or is he just a pervert? He should be absolutely sure nobody see him. There sould be always reasons and thoughts behind acts.

I agree with you about 100%. 

More is less, most times, I feel. If it has a purpose, it is good. But I don't want it to complicated either. 

And if it seem to be a random act of weirdness - that should be clear to the viewer. 



Art style is 11/10

Thanks for your comment!
The character models are losely based on "the incredibles-style."